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About Company

Based in Central India, Karyon Solutions has expertise in providing ERP and E-Commerce services, digital and asset based business solutions that bridges clients execution gap to build stronger, simplified and more innovative businesses. We are the team of young entrepreneurs who believe in creating future with the right code. Our team has some highly skilled coders cum brogrammers. Focused on our individual clients served by attentive leadership & people who aim relentless pursuit towards achieving better results every time. Like our name we emphasis on fundamentals to give out a high quality. Customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial things for us and comes first in our priority list.


What We Offer

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Web Development

PHP Web Development

Angular Designing


Android App Development

React Native App Development

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Ofbiz development

Ofbiz Development

Google App Integration

Google App Integration

Logo Design

Logo Designing

Karyon Commerce

Karyon Commerce is an ERP platform designed and developed by Karyon Solutions to solve your web commerce challanges. Build on Apache Ofbiz, Karyon Commerce is fully scalable and customizable according to your needs. You can get your own customized system for less than the licensing fees alone of comparable platforms.

Platform Features

 Product Management

Add, update, delete infomation of products and categories with ease. Manage price, images, manufacturer details through a single, intuitive user interface. Add product variants attributes for comparison and much more.

 Order Management

Manage all of your orders from every sales channel in one place. Quickly sort orders by channel, priority, size, or other variables. Easily find and group orders using SOLR search for efficient management and increased customer satisfaction.

 Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory in bulk and pick locations across multiple warehouses. Know exactly how much you have on hand and available to promise at all times. Manage your suppliers, set auto-reorder points, generate purchase orders, receive, and put away product for efficient fulfillment.

 User-Friendly Content Management

Own your content without being an HTML expert. Easily add images, change copy, or create new pages on the fly. Use rich text editing, you can control publication dates, clone pages for multivariate testing, and create seasonal landing pages.

 Accounting and Reporting

Access system-generated sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, payments, and general ledger entries. Income statement, balance sheet, gross margin, inventory valuation, and other key metrics tracked natively in the system.

 Full-Featured E-Commerce

Deploy an enterprise-class feature set, including multi-storefront, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities; B2B user pricing and purchasing; and customer reviews, cross-sell, and one-page checkout functionality. Get a responsive and mobile-friendly solution that welcomes and encourages completely custom storefront designs.


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